How to create an email id?



There are quite a few things to be kept in mind while choosing an email id. It is tough to change the id after 2-3 years when you have distributed it to everyone. So, one should choose it carefully.



1. Which email provider should I use?

One should create at least one yahoo OR one hotmail id so that it can be used to chat on messenger as well.



2. What should the email id contain?

Choose a name which looks professional. It should contain letters only from your first name and last name. And it may contain few numbers. A few good examples are - ashishk, akumar, ashish_kumar, ashish79, kumar_ashish, kumar, a_kumar, ashish_k, etc.



3. What shouldn't the email id contain?

It shouldn't have any affiliations like company name, college name, nationality, etc. Refrain from using any affiliations. You never know if someone hates something about the affiliation and may not reply to your mails for that very reason. A few bad examples are cute_ashish, kumar_love, ashish_reck, ashish_tcs, etc.



4. What rules should it follow?



5. How many email ids should I create?

One shouldn't create too many email ids. It is easier to create an id but it is difficult to maintain. Create an id and then stick to it forever.



If you have already chosen an email id which doesn't conform to the above rules, change it today. It is easier to do it now than to do it 2 years hence.